Today, Salt Lake City enjoys six active Sister City relationships. Though there is a vast range of diversity in these relationships, all share the common goal to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation. Each relationship Salt Lake City established was created for a different reason, under different circumstances. The measure of success for one relationship may not be the best measure for another, yet all have the ultimate goal of promoting peace. The reasons behind the creation of each of our partnerships include cultural exchange programs, humanitarian aid, dignitary visits, economic development and student, teacher and employee exchange programs.

Throughout the life of a Sister City relationship the goals may change or evolve, and the level of connectivity and involvement may vary greatly due to shifting political priorities, constantly changing city administrations, or even governmental instability. These constant changes create an ever evolving and fluctuating environment in which Sister City relationships must survive.

In an effort to protect and strengthen our Sister Cities program, given the continuous administrative changes, our Staff drafted a city ordinance to govern the sister cities program and create an official Board to oversee the program. This ordinance was supported by the Mayor and formally adopted by the City Council. The adoption of the ordinance ensures the future protection of the program as well as its Board. It also demonstrates the strong commitment and support of the current Mayor and City Council.Our Sister Cities Board is made up of community representatives with strong ties and interests in the sister cities program. In addition to our Board, a group of local representatives work behind the scenes to accomplish the tasks that make these relationships work. Without the dedication and commitment of our community volunteers we would not experience the level of success we have with our program.