Izhevsk, Russia

Izhevsk is the capital of Udmurt Republic, Russia, a large industrial, cultural and scientific center with a population of 652,000. It is located in the European part of Russia between the Volga River and the Ural Mountains.

The history of the partnership between Salt Lake City and Izhevsk started in 2003 as a Friendship Relationship. A joint resolution of the City Council and the Mayor of Salt Lake City approving the establishment of a “Sister City” relationship between Izhevsk, Russia and Salt Lake City, Utah was adopted in October 2011. With the help of volunteers within the organization, the Sister City relationship offers opportunities to experience cross-cultural activities including the exhibition of children’s paintings from the Izhevsk Art School. Ongoing exchanges such as these in the fields of business, culture and education, promote a mutual understanding to the benefit of citizens in both cities.

Izhevsk is renowned for its great educational, intellectual and scientific-research and attracts investigators from different fields held within twenty-three scientific centers. Four state universities, three private universities and ten colleges provide professional training in multiple occupational areas, such as medicine, art, law, education, engineering, science, agriculture, and etc. Izhevsk has a rich cultural life. Five theaters, four concert halls, sixteen recreational centers and clubs, fifty libraries, twelve art schools for children, six cinemas and six museums are found here. One of the greatest Russian composers Peter Tchaikovsky was born and spent his childhood near Izhevsk. Every spring different music festivals devoted to Tchaikovsky’s creative works are held.

For additional information on the Izhevsk relationship, please contact: Board Manager, Katie Matheson, at katherine.matheson@slcgov.com or Board Member, Olga Efimova, at efimovaolga@hotmail.com

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