Torino, Italy

Torino is located in northwest Italy, with a population of approximately 890,000. The city is recognized for being a major European political center, being Italy’s first capital city in 1861 and being home to the House of Savoy, Italy’s royal family. Even though much of its political significance and importance had been lost by World War II, it became a major European crossroad for industry, commerce and trade, and currently is one of Italy’s main industrial centers, being part of the famous “industrial triangle”, along with Milan and Genoa. 

Torino is well known as the home of the Shroud of Turin, the football teams Juventus F.C. and Torino F.C., the headquarters of automobile manufacturers FIAT, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, and as host of the 2006 Winter Olympics. Several International Space Station modules, such as Harmony and Columbus, were also manufactured in Torino

In 2002, Torino, Italy and Salt Lake City worked to forge an Olympic City relationship between the two cities. Conversations included the former Vice Consul, Dr. Giovanni Maschero, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, and former Mayor of Torino, Sergio Chiamparino, each seeing opportunities in cultural exchange with the relationship. In October of 2003, the cities established a Friendship City relationship, and in January 2007, Mayor Anderson officially signed the documents for establishment of the Sister City relationship.

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